When it comes to creating and filing the legal documents necessary for starting the process of franchising a business, it’s best to leave the long and difficult process to a franchise attorney with expertise in the area of franchising.

Benefits of a franchise attorney

By contracting an experienced franchise attorney, you aren’t just helping protect yourself against any inconsistencies in your Franchise Disclosure Document or liabilities in the process — you’re also helping mitigate any potential issues along the way.

For example; at Drumm Law, we’re passionate about utilizing our knowledge in franchise law to help your business:

  • Avoid conflicts of interest
  • Have a peace of mind regarding the legality of your documents
  • Avoid having to pay for legal documents more than once
  • Enjoy attorney-client privilege

How to select a franchise attorney?

Now that we’ve broken down the benefits of hiring a franchise lawyer, now comes the real test — what should your business look for in a franchise attorney?

For one, your businesses should look to contract a franchise law firm that has experience on both the franchisor and franchisee sides of the equation. Also, when it comes to Franchise Disclosure Documents, finding attorneys that will work on a “flat fee” basis (instead of hourly) can also greatly benefit your business.

About Drumm Law

At Drumm Law, we’re proud to offer your business with a personalized franchise attorney with decades of experience in franchising, Franchise Disclosure Document creation/review and more.

“We actually have 11 franchise lawyers – one of the largest franchise legal departments of any law firm,” said Mike Drumm, attorney and founder of Drumm Law. “And we are one of the only (law firms) that, for FDD’s, charges a flat fee for every state.”

Drumm Law is also proud to offer legal certainty and experience that is hard to find anywhere else — with a team that includes two former state regulators, who know the processes inside-out.

Contact one of our franchise lawyers at Drumm Law so we can help with your franchising processes.