Trademark Renewal




Your trademarks need to be renewed with the USPTO between the 5th and 6th year after registration and then every 10 years. After the 5th year, in addition to filing a renewal, you can also file a “declaration of incontestability.” We recommend this because an incontestable mark is immune from challenge except if it has become the generic term for the goods or abandoned for nonuse, or if the registration was acquired under fraudulent conditions.
In order to file any trademark renewal, you need to show that you are still using the mark in commerce. We will need you to provide a photo (or screenshot if it is a service mark) showing that you are still using the trademark name as it was originally filed. Here is the total pricing for trademark renewal filings:
5-6 year Renewal
$575 total ($350 legal fcc and $225 filing fcc)
5-6 year Renewal with Incontestability (recommended)
$775 total ($350 legal fee and $425 filing fee)
10-year Renewal
$875 total ($350 legal fee and $525 filing fee)


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